Maria Brigitte 19 09 19A warm welcome to you!

I'm Maria Brigitte, Sound Shaman. As a child I was fascinated by nature. I loved to sit under the tea rose bush in our deep garden in Amsterdam and bask in her beautiful aura. I loved fairy tales, myths and legends, especially those of Greek antiquity. At the age of twelve the Goddess found me, fortunately never to leave. And all through my life 'coincidences' happened that led me to the right courses, teachers, professions, contacts and places. For more information, see biography.

You are more than welcome if you´re interested in personal and/or spiritual development or if you feel that you need healing in those areas. Even if you´re just interested in European shamanism, you can always contact me.

I am happy to assist in your personal and spiritual growth. Wouldn´t it be great to be firmly grounded, to follow your heart and to be connected to the Universe? This is the purpose of shamanic practices: to walk in beauty, balance and connection with All Our Relations.

It is my deep conviction that we are all completely free and at the same time connected to each other, all our relatives and the Universe. For me, this means that we are fully responsible for ourselves and thus for each other, all our relatives, the world in which we live and the Universe.

Everything that happens during our contact is treated confidentially. This applies to both consultations and group activities.