About Sound ...

"In the beginning there was the Word, or Sound"

This is how many sacred scriptures begin. Just think about the sound Ohm from the Indian Veda´s, the word of god in the bible or the music of the spheres that Plato wrote about. In science the beginning of the Universe is described as the Big Bang. This Primordial Sound is still vibrating through the Universe!

Music is as old as humankind, possibly older. Whistles and drums have been found dating back as far as 80.000 years. We have scientific proof that drumcircles have a positive effect on heartfunction , brainfrequencies and the functioning of the organs. The combination of drums and high-pitched whistles brings people into a trance-state really quick. Trance is a state in which we have access to information hidden within us, which we normally can´t reach with our daily conscience. Therefore I like to work with trance voyages to help you to unlock your deep potential. This way you can reach a brand-new perspective from which you can find a new and deeper understanding of the questions you might have at any given moment.

Because of the enormously powerful way that Sound and Vibration work I use music, drums, bells, rattles, singing, vocalizations and sound meditations both in personal consultations as in groupwork.