The first of many lessons I´ve learned working with Maria was to approach my issues not from the head but from the heart. She also invited me to challenge my beliefs on what is true and what is fake. A whole new world opened! I´d been looking for the meaning of life from a very early age and I had a strong longing for the spiritual. Maria turned out to be a great guide. After that first consultation, she took me on a journey which finally led to my initiation as a priestess and a trance journey teacher.

As a teacher, Maria is a calm anchor, a ruthless mirror and a safe haven to come home to. She has a vast and deep knowledge of religion, history and spirituality and is also a medium. While the images of a trance journey can be quite confusing in the beginning, Maria clarifies them through her shamanic experience and through the knowledge of the heart. She also teaches you to find your own spiritual "radio frequency" so that you can learn to interpret your own journeys. Or simply embrace what is. Maria is a woman with a weird sense of humor and a lot of experience. She knows how to touch and inspire both the inexperienced and experienced in the world of shamanism.

Marietta Weyer, social worker, trance journey teacher, priestess of the Goddess.

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My testimonial about a trance journey given by Maria Brigitte.

I only knew Maria through the internet. She turned out to be a resolute woman, very outspoken, filled with love for Mother Earth and all our Relations.

I was searching for my Power Animal, so I made an appointment. Our meeting became a special, wonderfully magical journey made on the firm beat of her drum. For me it was the first time that just the drumbeat was enough to get me into a trance and on my way. It was a very beautiful journey, for which I am grateful. This journey has brought me beautiful, instructive images. The Power Animal I´ve met will never leave me and I´ll paint on my drum.
Maria, thank you for a very special experience. I had the honor of meeting with a shaman with a big heart and genuine knowledge and experience. The mixture of love and power and wisdom that people were talking about has now been confirmed to me.

Gerard Wheely, writer and photographer at Wheel of Art.

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Trance journeying, I had heard and read a lot about it, but had not experienced it myself. Until the moment I was introduced to Maria. This meeting ultimately resulted in my training in shamanism and trance journeying. Decades of knowledge, experience and all she had learned from her teachers she passed on to me selflessly, simply and purely, with both feet deeply rooted in the earth. She allowed me to learn to feel, see and experience autonomously, to fall into a trance and to analyze the acquired information for myself. In individual sessions and in groupwork Maria always created a safe environment in which learning and stimulation were provided with room for mistakes and a lot of fun of course. It´s with great pleasure that I think back on those wonderful years of training and healing.

Jantina Korthuis, groom equestrian sport, spiritual guide and mother.

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During the three years that I visited Maria´s trance journeys with some regularity, I´ve always been surprised at her ability to explain my trance experiences. Her shamanistic view and unorthodox interpretations were always worth coming back for. We were always happy and grateful at the end of the evening and looking forward to the next time. During the years that I journeyed with Maria I´ve definitely experienced personal growth and renewal.

Hans de Bron, concierge school for the visually impaired, traveler, spiritual guide.