Cycle of the Year - Training

Logo ster 3The Shamanic year is divided into eight times six weeks. Every period of the year is marked by a feast. This training lasts a for year and a day. It is a fundamental training in which you´ll get acquainted with the Celtic / Germanic Wheel of the Year. It´s a practical formation, a spiraling path of spiritual deepening. Experiencing and understanding the eight phases of the Wheel will strengthen your connection to your inner Self, Nature and the Universe.

The workshops can also be followed separately. See for the themes at workshops, for the dates at agenda.

After the first year there are two options

  • A follow-up year in a fixed group, to deepen your personal growth.
  • Shamanic training. This is a very personal, individual process. Depending on your own starting point and interests, I´ll guide you through sessions and assignments. Assistance at the feasts is part of the training. The development of your personal shamanic path will become clear along the way.