The week, midweek and weekend workshops are linked to the Wheel of the Year. Each workshop focuses on a theme that matches the time of the year.

The themes are

  • Ancestors and dark night of the Soul (November - Samhain)
  • Inner Light, the Power of the Heart (December - Yule - Midwinter)
  • Rebirthing and sprouting (February - Imbolc)
    Imbolc agendaNature is ready! Something is already germinating here and there. The seeds of love and light that we sowed with Yule are stirring. Slowly the winter children are ready to be born again. During this workshop we work with, among other things, rebirthing techniques to prepare ourselves for the new season.
  • The wisdom of the (inner) child (March - Ostara - Spring equinox)
  • Passion, sexuality and fertility (May - Beltane)
  • Courage, sense of community and (social) action (June - Litha - Midsummer)
  • Reflection, contemplation, meditation (August - Lughnasadh)
  • Balance - from duality to uniqueness (September - Mabon - Autumn equinox)

The workshops can be followed separately or as one annual cycle (see Training: Cycle of the Year)

For more substantive information about these Workshops (dates, theme, costs, location, registration), see the Agenda.


The rates are as low as possible, so that my services are accessible to everyone. Payment in installments can always be arranged. Rates do not include travel and accommodation costs. Catering based on Auberge Espagnol / Potluck, unless stated otherwise.


  • Weekend (2 days) € 200,00
  • Midweek (4/5 days) € 400,00
  • Week (7 days) € 600,00


On registration. For workshops an advance of 50% for the registration, the other half to be paid at the beginning of the workshop. No admission without registration and payment/advance.